Acha Tours and Treks caters to various customized affordable Bhutan tour packages such as cultural tours, festival tours, bird watching tours, trekking holidays, mountain biking tours, adventure tours to Bhutan, hiking tour and Luxury Travel.

We are a new generation of travel agent in Bhutan, catering to all needs of our valued customers.

We as a travel agent not only provide only travel services, but also share our unique aspirations, that become an invaluable experience to take back home.

With our valuable experience in the travel industry in Bhutan, we are able to provide our best in making travel to Bhutan easier, personalized and a memory to take back. Traveling with us is not just travel, for us it’s the immersion of oneself into the life and a colorful culture of our country matched with its natural beauty, cuisine and history. Every trip becomes an experience to cherish, a feast of invaluable insights and a moment to be remembered.

Hotels, Foods and Transport

We have toured the country and have visited every hotel and resorts, and their facilities. We know the best in the hotels in Bhutan. With our high taste we provide you the best and the desired accommodations. For us it’s a priority to provide the desired accommodation and hospitality services. The hotels and resorts we use are all approved by the Tourism Council of Bhutan, and carefully monitored. Our services have reached at par international standards. Also to mention we have some amazing farmhouse stay programs, that we are keen in promoting.

Within the minimum daily tariff we provide hotels that are three star and below. There will be additional charges for four stars and above hotels and resorts. Yes how shall we let anyone go without food? Bhutanese cuisine is unusually hot as we have a national obsession for chilies, but no worries, our restaurants and hotels provide all meals with breakfast American, English, continental, regional or local. Lunch and dinner are served in buffet, serving an array for continental, regional and local, with a provision for specific requests. We will be having a special writings and pictures of Bhutanese foods in our blog.

With additional costs, we have an array of luxury Hotels and Resorts that makes every stay an ultimate experience of Bhutanese hospitality and ambiance. Every road journey must be comfortable and safe, so we provide imported SUVs and luxury buses. Our guides and tour leaders make sure there is a stoppage wherever there is a picturesque view.

 Our itineraries

Our itineraries are well designed, to bring in every trip the ultimate experience of Bhutan. Upon our cliental requests, we customize our trips and take active part in discussing every trip before the bookings. We see in what suits you and redesign the itineraries, that brings alive the uniquely Bhutan, the vibrant culture, and the diverse ecology. With us one gets to make a choice and also take part in designing the itinerary be it trekking, country walks, mountain biking, farmhouse stay, luxury Bhutan journeys, cultural immersion, festivals, bird watching, botany, spiritual retreat and the arts.

Price guarantee

We guarantee you that you get what you have paid for, as we strictly follow the tariff and various deals and discounts laid down by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. With the minimum tariff, one gets the best of our uncompromised services and attention.

Tour guide, care and safety

He will be the one to receive you, and bid you farewell. He will be there all the time throughout your trip. He will be your altimeter, and the barometer. When you are not satisfied he will become your complain box. Even then he is the one who tags along and always ready to help and assist. He is also your human lonely planet the Bhutan edition, so we take utmost care in selecting our guides, who are well-versed, talented, fit and certified by the Tourism Council

We want to help

Beside our business initiative, our non business initiative is to enable local artisan expand there business. They are ever facing an onslaught of their art dying due to the recent imports of handicrafts from other countries. Our goal is to be enable them continue their arts and preserve traditional methods and aesthetics. Our Government has also initiated an Authentic Craft market, where one can buy authentic Bhutanese handicrafts. We will make sure a visit to the craft market in our itineraries. We can recommend various non-profit organizations in Bhutan to our guests if one wishes to contribute.