The national emblem of Bhutan has a circle with two double diamond thunderbolts placed above a lotus, topped by a jewel, and framed by two dragons. The thunderbolts represent the harmony between secular and religious power. And lotus and jewel represents for purity and sovereign power. The name of Bhutan is represented by two dragons.

The national flag of Bhutan is bicolor standard with a white dragon across the middle. The top part of the flag is golden yellow, which represents the secular power of the king, and the lower part is orange, which symbolizes the Buddhist religion. The dragon, which represents Bhutan, holds jewels in its claws, which stand for the wealth and perfection of the country.

The blue poppyis the national flower (Meconopsisgrandis)of Bhutan, which we can find at the high altitudes. In most of the religious sites, we will see tall and prominent trees and is mostly national tree of Bhutan. The national tree is known as cypress (Cupressustorolusa). It is found in the temperate zone between altitudes of 1800m and 3500m. The national bird is the raven, which also adorns the royal hat.The raven represents the deity GonpoJarodongchen (raven headedMahakala), one of the chief guardian deities of Bhutan. The national animal is an extremely rare mammal called the takin(Burdorcastaxicolor). It lives in flocks in areas 13,000 feet (4,000 meters) high and eats bamboo. It has religious back ground for exiting of the animal.